Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Overdue....Again!

Well, 6 months later, I am catching up once again!  Why is it so hard to find 10-15 minutes to at least update once a month???  Well, I am not even sure where to begin!

2012 started off pretty well!  Baseball season always begins at the end of January, so Chad gets busy with that.  Baseball was an up and down season this year, with losing all starters in the field from last year's team.  Chad had to work hard to 'coach' them, and there were some true rewarding moments!  They lost in the second round of the playoffs.

February and March brought Little Diggers for me and Alyssa.  I was one of the coaches that led the volleyball clinics that Alyssa participated in.  She had fun, and she has continued to improve.

I also remember February being a month where cancer seemed to be affecting so many lives of people we know.  I just HATE this disease, and just have a heavy heart for those that continue to fight this battle.

March was busy with some birthday parties, Little Diggers, and Spring Break.  We stayed busy with baseball games during that week, but it was fun!  We also started another softball season for Alyssa.  We decided to keep her in coach pitch, and I think that was a pretty good idea.  Even though we questioned it at times.  She did well, and she definitely gained some confidence.

April was busy, and is always fun with Chad's birthday and my birthday!  Chad's birthday was on Good Friday this year. We went to my mom's and had a fish fry with my sis and family.  It was so nice to just hang outside & relax.  Easter weekend was busy as well.  Saturday involved doing some things at Momo's.  The kids had fun going out with Chad to collect flowers to make their 'nests' for Easter morning.  We went to church with momo, and then headed to Craig's place for big Easter hunt.  Then went back to Momo's for a while and another hunt.  TAKS testing also occurred at the end of April!  And, then my birthday was on a Friday.  Got lots of love from my friends, family and students!  Had a happy hour with some friends in Gruene that afternoon, before heading over to a baseball game!

And, then May came and went QUICKLY!  It was CRAZY busy!  I think we had something literally everyday!  Work involved us administering the STAAR test for the first time....always fun!  Last day of school was bittersweet as we held a party for Donna.  She is getting out of teaching to help Travis with their business.  VERY sad to know I will not see one of my best friends everyday!  I have so much respect for her relationship with kids, people, and her ability to be an awesome teacher!  She has been my rock in so many ways over the years, especially as our friendship has grown.  Graduation day was a busy one.  I went to mine, then met Chad to pick up the kids so he could go to his.  I took the kids to meet Momo, and then headed to Austin for Bonnie's bachelorette party!  We had dinner and went out for the evening.  Oh what fun we had that night out!  The next day Chad & I just hung out and went to a graduation party.  We went to my mom's the following day for a couple days, and celebrated my sister's birthday.  Then we had two days of staff development before summer officially began!  We haven't slowed down since June 1!

What has June involved???  While we worked our last two days, Austin went to Missie's and Alyssa hung out with two different friends, and one was a sleepover.  Then we spent a weekend in Waco to watch the Baylor Bears in the regional tournament.  We had fun cheering on Lawton & Logan, chanting "feed the beaver" and hanging out with Lawt's family!  Then we picked up Corbin who came to hang with us for four nights!  Corbin went with Chad in the mornings to Ranger baseball camp, and Alyssa spent three days going to Slumber Falls camp.  And, we of course, made time for the bahn.  Austin started swim lessons twice a week as well.  After a full day at the bahn, we took Corbin to meet his mom & sister.  The next day Momo came to help with the kids.  Chad & I left for Marble Falls for Bonnie's wedding.  What a FUN weekend that was!  The first day we took a boat ride over to the rehearsal dinner at a beautiful home on the water.  Then the next day we were busy preparing for Bonnie's big day! Bonnie's wedding was outdoor at her parents, and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I was honored to be a part of this wedding which seemed straight from a movie.  Bonnie is such an amazing planner, and I don't think she left out any details.  I wish I could have it all together like she does!  Momo helped out with the kids, and the kids had a blast dancing.  It was the first time I had seen Austin 'get down' like that!  The day after her wedding we headed to Waco to watch Baylor try to advance to the College World Series.  The won the first game of the series, and they were so close to winning the second game.  Ugh, it was heartbreaking.  We headed home after the game, and a long weekend!  The next week was awesome for Alyssa as she headed to tbarm camp!  She LOVED this camp, and is excited to go back again.  Getting prepared for the dress up days was fun, and she loved having her best friend Kinley there as well.  Austin continued to spend some time (shorter days) at Missie's.  However, Chad & I also snuck in a 'date' at the bahn one day too.  That was fun...we rode quite a few rides and enjoyed our adult time.  Then we went to spend some time with the grandparents.  Saturday we went to Momo's and then we spent most of Father's Day with Chad's parents.  We also made a stop to visit Popo - oh how I miss him!!!  I mostly wish he was here to see the kids growing up...he would be so proud.  We headed back for a week of volleyball camp.  I worked in the mornings and afternoons, where we had about 190-200 kids!!  Alyssa went to camp in the mornings, and she did great!  I love that she is coachable, and she will try to do whatever is asked of her!  We of course made time for the Bahn before heading to see Momo.  Chad took a day to go visit George for his bachelor party weekend.  I was dropping the kiddos off since we were about to leave for vacation.  Chad & I spent 3 nights in Vegas with some great friends.  Holly & John renewed their vows while we were there.  Two of their nights overlapped with ours.  Donna, Travis, Brian & Renee also went with us.  WHAT FUN WE HAD!  I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!  We gambled, witnessed vow renewals, had dinner & gambled all on the first night.  The next day we swam & hung at the pool, gambled, had a FABULOUS dinner, and gambled some more.  The third day I hung by the pool and napped while Chad was at the sports bar.  Then we grabbed some food before seeing an AMAZING show called KA.  We did some 'sightseeing' before gambling some more.  This is the night I learned to play craps, and had a BLAST!  I actually won this night to make up for my other losses (somewhat at least!).  The next morning we got ready & packed before getting a snack, gambling a bit & then heading to the airport.  Other than the flight home, our trip was so AWESOME!  Blessed with great friends & great memories!  After our return, we picked up the kids and then got ready for George & Yvette's wedding!  What a beautiful evening for a beautiful couple.  We truly wish them the best.  Once again, the kids had fun dancing at the wedding, and I did too!  Definitely made me smile!  We decided to spend two nights in Hondo so that we could see Taylor's band play the next night.  He and Griffin sang a lot of songs, and we enjoyed the evening outside with some great friends.  Always fun to see the Langford's.  And, we are now back home and July is here!  I don't think it will be as crazy, but this is why we love summer!!!  We are thankful in so many ways that Chad decided to take a summer off from coaching.  It has been fun to not be committed to every weekend, and truly enjoying the family time!!  OH, and the most important part of June.....potty training Austin!!!  We haven't mastered night time, but it is great otherwise!!! big soon to be 8 year-old third grader!  WOW!  How is that possible?  She finished the year with all A's & E's all year.  VERY proud of her!  We had her tested for GT program, and she still didn't make it.  I really am okay with that....I am simply thankful for her hard work and desire to do well.  Although I worry about her being a perfectionist and the times when she doesn't make A's.  She puts a lot of pressure on herself.  She has still only lost ONE tooth!  She has some lose ones, and one has us very concerned.  The tooth is coming in behind it.  She is doing awesome at swimming, and I am very proud of her.   Sometimes I wish that I could get her into competitive swimming.  Her favorite color is purple, favorite food is spaghetti, favorite show is iCarly, best friend is Kinley, favorite thing to do is arts and crafts, favorite sport is volleyball, favorite singer is Taylor Swift, favorite animal is dog, favorite farm animal is a horse, and favorite movie is Ramona & Beezus.  She LOVES to ride the gator at momo's, and she would go to the bahn everyday if we let her!  She is 4'2" and 55 pounds.  She is much more outgoing and not so shy.  She enjoys playing school and all her dolls are her students.  She is a great big sis!

Austin...almost 3 years old!  Well, he is something else!  He is stubborn as all get out, and he has shown that with his potty training and swim lessons.  He is not going to do something unless HE is interested in it.  Potty training finally clicked, just like Missie said it would.  Swim lessons, he does NOT want to blow bubbles, and he doesn't like to go to his coach.  He is an awful eater, and I am getting somewhat worried because he doesn't eat much.  I just don't know how to make him eat things.  He doesn't eat much other than cereal, rice krispies, pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, corn & spaghetti.  Oh, and cookies & M&M's.  And then he LOVES milk.  His favorite color is green, and he loves to watch tv.  He also loves to play with his sister's toys.  Dad just loves when he plays with sister's dolls.  He still hates haircuts!  Ugh!  He does make us laugh a lot!  He can be shy at first, but he definitely opens up to people quicker than Alyssa did at this age.  It makes me smile when I see him laughing and having fun with our friends.  Seeing him interact with Lawton & Nolan this past month has been great!

I think that's all I can think of to wrap up the past 6 months!  Hoping that I will write again at the end of July to write about the kiddos birthday parties!

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