Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Overdue....Again!

Well, 6 months later, I am catching up once again!  Why is it so hard to find 10-15 minutes to at least update once a month???  Well, I am not even sure where to begin!

2012 started off pretty well!  Baseball season always begins at the end of January, so Chad gets busy with that.  Baseball was an up and down season this year, with losing all starters in the field from last year's team.  Chad had to work hard to 'coach' them, and there were some true rewarding moments!  They lost in the second round of the playoffs.

February and March brought Little Diggers for me and Alyssa.  I was one of the coaches that led the volleyball clinics that Alyssa participated in.  She had fun, and she has continued to improve.

I also remember February being a month where cancer seemed to be affecting so many lives of people we know.  I just HATE this disease, and just have a heavy heart for those that continue to fight this battle.

March was busy with some birthday parties, Little Diggers, and Spring Break.  We stayed busy with baseball games during that week, but it was fun!  We also started another softball season for Alyssa.  We decided to keep her in coach pitch, and I think that was a pretty good idea.  Even though we questioned it at times.  She did well, and she definitely gained some confidence.

April was busy, and is always fun with Chad's birthday and my birthday!  Chad's birthday was on Good Friday this year. We went to my mom's and had a fish fry with my sis and family.  It was so nice to just hang outside & relax.  Easter weekend was busy as well.  Saturday involved doing some things at Momo's.  The kids had fun going out with Chad to collect flowers to make their 'nests' for Easter morning.  We went to church with momo, and then headed to Craig's place for big Easter hunt.  Then went back to Momo's for a while and another hunt.  TAKS testing also occurred at the end of April!  And, then my birthday was on a Friday.  Got lots of love from my friends, family and students!  Had a happy hour with some friends in Gruene that afternoon, before heading over to a baseball game!

And, then May came and went QUICKLY!  It was CRAZY busy!  I think we had something literally everyday!  Work involved us administering the STAAR test for the first time....always fun!  Last day of school was bittersweet as we held a party for Donna.  She is getting out of teaching to help Travis with their business.  VERY sad to know I will not see one of my best friends everyday!  I have so much respect for her relationship with kids, people, and her ability to be an awesome teacher!  She has been my rock in so many ways over the years, especially as our friendship has grown.  Graduation day was a busy one.  I went to mine, then met Chad to pick up the kids so he could go to his.  I took the kids to meet Momo, and then headed to Austin for Bonnie's bachelorette party!  We had dinner and went out for the evening.  Oh what fun we had that night out!  The next day Chad & I just hung out and went to a graduation party.  We went to my mom's the following day for a couple days, and celebrated my sister's birthday.  Then we had two days of staff development before summer officially began!  We haven't slowed down since June 1!

What has June involved???  While we worked our last two days, Austin went to Missie's and Alyssa hung out with two different friends, and one was a sleepover.  Then we spent a weekend in Waco to watch the Baylor Bears in the regional tournament.  We had fun cheering on Lawton & Logan, chanting "feed the beaver" and hanging out with Lawt's family!  Then we picked up Corbin who came to hang with us for four nights!  Corbin went with Chad in the mornings to Ranger baseball camp, and Alyssa spent three days going to Slumber Falls camp.  And, we of course, made time for the bahn.  Austin started swim lessons twice a week as well.  After a full day at the bahn, we took Corbin to meet his mom & sister.  The next day Momo came to help with the kids.  Chad & I left for Marble Falls for Bonnie's wedding.  What a FUN weekend that was!  The first day we took a boat ride over to the rehearsal dinner at a beautiful home on the water.  Then the next day we were busy preparing for Bonnie's big day! Bonnie's wedding was outdoor at her parents, and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I was honored to be a part of this wedding which seemed straight from a movie.  Bonnie is such an amazing planner, and I don't think she left out any details.  I wish I could have it all together like she does!  Momo helped out with the kids, and the kids had a blast dancing.  It was the first time I had seen Austin 'get down' like that!  The day after her wedding we headed to Waco to watch Baylor try to advance to the College World Series.  The won the first game of the series, and they were so close to winning the second game.  Ugh, it was heartbreaking.  We headed home after the game, and a long weekend!  The next week was awesome for Alyssa as she headed to tbarm camp!  She LOVED this camp, and is excited to go back again.  Getting prepared for the dress up days was fun, and she loved having her best friend Kinley there as well.  Austin continued to spend some time (shorter days) at Missie's.  However, Chad & I also snuck in a 'date' at the bahn one day too.  That was fun...we rode quite a few rides and enjoyed our adult time.  Then we went to spend some time with the grandparents.  Saturday we went to Momo's and then we spent most of Father's Day with Chad's parents.  We also made a stop to visit Popo - oh how I miss him!!!  I mostly wish he was here to see the kids growing up...he would be so proud.  We headed back for a week of volleyball camp.  I worked in the mornings and afternoons, where we had about 190-200 kids!!  Alyssa went to camp in the mornings, and she did great!  I love that she is coachable, and she will try to do whatever is asked of her!  We of course made time for the Bahn before heading to see Momo.  Chad took a day to go visit George for his bachelor party weekend.  I was dropping the kiddos off since we were about to leave for vacation.  Chad & I spent 3 nights in Vegas with some great friends.  Holly & John renewed their vows while we were there.  Two of their nights overlapped with ours.  Donna, Travis, Brian & Renee also went with us.  WHAT FUN WE HAD!  I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!  We gambled, witnessed vow renewals, had dinner & gambled all on the first night.  The next day we swam & hung at the pool, gambled, had a FABULOUS dinner, and gambled some more.  The third day I hung by the pool and napped while Chad was at the sports bar.  Then we grabbed some food before seeing an AMAZING show called KA.  We did some 'sightseeing' before gambling some more.  This is the night I learned to play craps, and had a BLAST!  I actually won this night to make up for my other losses (somewhat at least!).  The next morning we got ready & packed before getting a snack, gambling a bit & then heading to the airport.  Other than the flight home, our trip was so AWESOME!  Blessed with great friends & great memories!  After our return, we picked up the kids and then got ready for George & Yvette's wedding!  What a beautiful evening for a beautiful couple.  We truly wish them the best.  Once again, the kids had fun dancing at the wedding, and I did too!  Definitely made me smile!  We decided to spend two nights in Hondo so that we could see Taylor's band play the next night.  He and Griffin sang a lot of songs, and we enjoyed the evening outside with some great friends.  Always fun to see the Langford's.  And, we are now back home and July is here!  I don't think it will be as crazy, but this is why we love summer!!!  We are thankful in so many ways that Chad decided to take a summer off from coaching.  It has been fun to not be committed to every weekend, and truly enjoying the family time!!  OH, and the most important part of June.....potty training Austin!!!  We haven't mastered night time, but it is great otherwise!!! big soon to be 8 year-old third grader!  WOW!  How is that possible?  She finished the year with all A's & E's all year.  VERY proud of her!  We had her tested for GT program, and she still didn't make it.  I really am okay with that....I am simply thankful for her hard work and desire to do well.  Although I worry about her being a perfectionist and the times when she doesn't make A's.  She puts a lot of pressure on herself.  She has still only lost ONE tooth!  She has some lose ones, and one has us very concerned.  The tooth is coming in behind it.  She is doing awesome at swimming, and I am very proud of her.   Sometimes I wish that I could get her into competitive swimming.  Her favorite color is purple, favorite food is spaghetti, favorite show is iCarly, best friend is Kinley, favorite thing to do is arts and crafts, favorite sport is volleyball, favorite singer is Taylor Swift, favorite animal is dog, favorite farm animal is a horse, and favorite movie is Ramona & Beezus.  She LOVES to ride the gator at momo's, and she would go to the bahn everyday if we let her!  She is 4'2" and 55 pounds.  She is much more outgoing and not so shy.  She enjoys playing school and all her dolls are her students.  She is a great big sis!

Austin...almost 3 years old!  Well, he is something else!  He is stubborn as all get out, and he has shown that with his potty training and swim lessons.  He is not going to do something unless HE is interested in it.  Potty training finally clicked, just like Missie said it would.  Swim lessons, he does NOT want to blow bubbles, and he doesn't like to go to his coach.  He is an awful eater, and I am getting somewhat worried because he doesn't eat much.  I just don't know how to make him eat things.  He doesn't eat much other than cereal, rice krispies, pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, corn & spaghetti.  Oh, and cookies & M&M's.  And then he LOVES milk.  His favorite color is green, and he loves to watch tv.  He also loves to play with his sister's toys.  Dad just loves when he plays with sister's dolls.  He still hates haircuts!  Ugh!  He does make us laugh a lot!  He can be shy at first, but he definitely opens up to people quicker than Alyssa did at this age.  It makes me smile when I see him laughing and having fun with our friends.  Seeing him interact with Lawton & Nolan this past month has been great!

I think that's all I can think of to wrap up the past 6 months!  Hoping that I will write again at the end of July to write about the kiddos birthday parties!

Friday, December 30, 2011


Seriously....I wish that I had time for all my pictures, scrapbooking, journaling, and keeping up with info about the kids! I thought the blog would make it easier to journal but I don't even find time for that!

So...6 months later I am going to type again!

Alyssa is in second grade now, and she is doing VERY well! She received all A's and E's the first 9 weeks! Last spring (and this fall) she was selected as Superintendent's Student of the Month! SOOO proud of her! Her reading is going great, along with her math. She is doing great on her spelling tests as well. Her teacher, Mrs. H, is very proud of what a great student she is. Alyssa still loves to play with all her dolls, including her doll, Allison. She loves to dress her up and let her play with her horse. ART is another FAVORITE thing for Alyssa. Santa bought her a new art easel that she has worked on almost nonstop since getting it put together. She enjoys playing games on the wii, including the dancing ones. Buddy is the elf she named, who comes to visit us at Christmas. She is an awesome helper and big sis. Nighttime is still not her favorite, and she wants someone nearby. Yesterday was the first time I finally convinced her to try her bike without training wheels. She was so worried about falling and geting hurt. She does not like to be outside of her comfort zone at all. This fall I coached her and 8 others in her first season of CYO volleyball. It was fun, and she improved GREATLY. She struggled with serving at first, but then she did great once she perfected the 'rock' with it. THEN, it lead to crying if she only got to serve once in a game. Bless her sweet heart. She LOVES to watch TV, including icarly and good luck charlie. Alyssa has only lost one tooth, it was after a football game at the coaches party. You still have your beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. You want to grow out your hair again; however, it drives me crazy when it is in your face. You love to drive the gator when we go to MoMo's house. You get frustrated with things easily, and we argue a lot. Unfortunately that is because we are so much alike. You poor girl! :-) You are still my rule follower, which I do appreciate. Although it makes you scared to try new things sometimes. A funny story that you wouldn't want me to write about, but how it made me giggle. (you don't like when I laugh at don't want to be funny or have people laugh at you) One day you asked me if I knew what it meant to "give someone the middle finger." I said yes, do you? You said "Yes, it means you will do drugs and smoke cigarettes." I told you that was not it; however, you said "that is what everyone says." I only let you know it was sign language for a very bad word. If only that innocence could always be there. I love you girl!

Austin is almost 2.5 and still loves his friends at Missie's. He is a FUNNY little man who loves his big sister. He is still a picky eater, not interested in being potty trained, loves bugs, hates getting his haircut, loves tools, loves trains, and loves trucks, tractors, and cars! He is truly a momma's boy, he can identify all sports balls, LOVES M&M's, loves dum dum lollipops. I dread taking you to get your haircut. It is completely miserable. No chance you will let them put the cape on you, you hate when they spray the water, and we both get hair ALL over us! When counting, he doesn't like to include the number 3. He can count to about 15 though. He will not go to sleep on his own since I took away the pacifiers. He must sleep with his 'guys' - the animals we cut off of the last two pacifiers. He always wants milk before he goes to sleep, and he wants momma to lay with him. He almost ALWAYS wakes up in the middle of the night and comes to lay with mom & dad. He also likes to strum his guitar while singing! It's pretty comical. Santa brought him a big John Deere tractor that he can drive - he was very excited about it! When we went to see Santa at the mall, he was scared of him. Alyssa sat on Santa's lap, and we could barely even get him to just stand by Alyssa. I love when I tell him I don't have something, and his response is "Yes you do." It's so sweet! He loves chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and corn! He could eat those all the time! Austin has also mastered batting his eyes at you with the use of the word 'please.' I am in so much trouble! EVERYONE says you are a mini daddy! You look a lot like him, especially with your blue eyes! You love to ride the gator and tractor when we go to MoMo's, and you want to help daddy feed the cows. And, how could I forget that he LOVES Mickey Mouse! I love you little man!

At Halloween, Alyssa was a cowgirl and Austin was a cowboy. We went downtown for a little while, and then we trick or treated in our neighborhood for a while. Austin now loves to wear those cowboy boots. Although some days he tells me he doesn't want to be a cowboy!

The kids enjoyed the parade for the county fair, and they also both enjoyed the rides! Big sister was awesome and rode many of the kiddie rides with her little brother. Wurstfest was lots of fun too. They had fun running around there, along with riding the carousel.

I am still teaching math, and somedays wonder if I can do it until I have to retire. Society has changed so much, along with the work ethic of individuals. It is a struggle that I deal with, and I lose my patience easily. Hard working people that are determined to work and discover an answer is becoming a lost 'art.' Then there is the daily battle with phones in the classroom that is very distracting. Unfortunately I am also scared for kids for some of the things they 'post' in the social media. Don't get me wrong....definitely still great kids out there....but very frustrating on a daily basis.

Chad is still coaching football and baseball. He is also working in credit recovery this semester. Coaching definitely keeps him busy, especially as he prepares for another baseball season.

We also took a family getaway to the riverwalk a couple weeks ago, and that was alot of fun! Hopefully we can do that more often. We also met your aunt, uncle, niece and nephew there. It was so fun to ride the boat and look at all the lights.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Do I Begin?'s July, and I haven't posted since November! I don't even know where to begin on this!

Alyssa....will be 7 in just 10 days! Oh my goodness! She did AWESOME in first grade. She simply loved her teacher Mrs. B, and she even had a ready, set, teach teacher from Canyon - Ms. Cheryl. Alyssa was named the 'soaring eagle' from her class the first nine weeks, and then she received a golden eagle award each nine weeks for all E's. Her reading level was above where it needed to be, and I was very proud for how much she improved on that! I got to attend her field trip as well - we went to the Magik Theatre in SA to see "If you give a pig a party...." and they got to eat/play in the park next to it. Always enlightening to spend a day with young children versus high school kids! We have done a lot of swimming this summer, and she is improving each day. I am very proud of her going underwater, jumping in the water - these seem like such HUGE steps for her from two summers ago! She is still an AWESOME big sister to Austin, and she loves to help little ones quite often. She can be quite the 'mother hen' at times. Alyssa LOVES to play with her baby dolls still, and she is VERY into watching all the episodes of Full House! She has been renting the DVD's of seasons from the library! She still gets her feelings hurt quite easily, and she has come out of the shy stage quite a bit. She rode the bus to my room all school year, and made some friends to play with in the afternoons. I think she really enjoyed that - although she doesn't like the high school kids to really talk to her. That is when she gets shy. We still have not lost any teeth! I helped coach a little diggers clinic, and she attended that. It was once or twice a week for about six weeks, and she struggled with that some. Volleyball was tough for the first time, and then she got her feelings hurt easily. So, that was an adjustment for all. However, she did MUCH better this summer at camp - I was impressed with her improvement. She was also much more comfortable with things, I think. This summer also included an art camp where she painted a beautiful sunflower painting - I was VERY impressed. Alyssa loves to draw, and I think she really enjoyed this 3 day camp. She also did an SV softball camp with her friend and enjoyed it. She still has basketball camp and a 3 day (all day) camp with a friend. Right now, it is VBS camp, and she is learning lots of songs. Alyssa also played softball in the fall & spring - another area of GREAT improvement. Hitting is not your strongest, but your EFFORT to get every ball is definitely a strength. You got upset in games that a ball didn't get hit to you. And, then in the spring, they actually started getting people out, not just running around all bases. You did not like getting out either!

Oh my baby Austin turns 2 tomorrow! WOW!!! Where has the time gone? Austin is totally into Cars theme toys, trucks, cars, trains, baseball, (all sports balls), tractors, Thomas, and Mickey Mouse! These are just some of the boy things he loves; however, he also likes to play with his sister's things. Yesterday, she and a friend had him decorated in all sorts of jewelry and even a clip in his hair. He still has his pacifier buddies, the frog and bear. These no longer have the pacifier, just the animal. He had one remaining, but we took it away this past Sunday. We are on day 3 right now without a pacifier - going okay so far. Austin enjoys wearing one of his hats when we are out and about, and people often comment on him always wearing his flip flops. He does NOT like to get haircuts. We have had at least five, and he has cried and thrown a fit every time. He loves to do everything his big sister does as well, and he is talking up a storm these days. He can tell us he will be 'two' but he is still working on showing us two. At nighttime he gives us night night kisses and hugs, along with saying "I Love You." He is enjoying the water as well. We don't really go under water yet, but he loves when we go. His favorite part of the bahn is probably riding the alligator on the lazy river! He also makes us laugh a lot - he is a funny little man! Of course, we might be nearing the terrible two's as he likes to hit and try to bite quickly when he doesn't get his way. We have a 'time out' corner at our house now, and he has found his way to it often this summer. Austin really enjoys going riding in the stroller as well. Today we actually went to the park for a long walk, playtime, and then to feed the ducks. He loved that! Nighttime is still pretty good for Austin - we can put him down, and he goes to sleep on his own. Big sister is a different story - out quickly, but still wants someone to lay down with her.

This summer has been a very busy one, but fun as well. It has included staff development for mom and dad, trips to the bahn, sliders baseball tournaments, time spent at the pools, trips to the grandparents' houses, sports camps, birthday parties, and hanging out with friends.

We are having a dual party for the kids at the jumpy place next week. It is a private party with about 30 kids invited. Should be lots of fun! We are also looking forward to our annual beach trip with my sis and her family, and my mom.

I am not really looking forward to starting another year of school - even though Alyssa is! Chad just finished up baseball for six months straight! He had an AWESOME season with the Rangers. He reached 100 wins, had a team that got along great, and reached the regional semifinals. Then he also got the award for the SA coach of the year! So proud of him. Then he went straight into another sliders season.

I also can't believe Chad & I are about to celebrate our 13th anniversary! I just can't believe how quickly life flies by us! I have once again been reminded of how precious life is, and we should not take any of it for granted. Canyon just lost two former grads - one was a Marine, and he was protecting our country, and the other was a recent grad that was killed in a car wreck. Both great kids, who had great smiles. Just doesn't seem right - so much ahead of them. But, we are reminded that God has a plan for each and every one of us. Enjoy every day to the fullest.

This past school year was a hectic one for me - I can't quite figure out why. I think I was maybe balancing too much, and I am simply a work-aholic. I have to find a better balance this next year - at least I hope to. I also can't believe we are nearing the 11 month mark since my dad's passing. Oh how I miss him! I wish he could see the kids as they are growing up, and I know Austin would light up his world. I know my dad loves all us girls - BUT deep down I think he always wanted boys. This little guy would have brought him many more smiles! Austin was often one of the things that would make him smile when we spent so much of last summer there. And at the same time....I still worry about my mom. We try to spend as much time there as possible...and my kiddos just love on their Momo! She definitely spoils them.

Almost forgot to report about Alyssa's weddings that she was in. She was in two over our Christmas break, and she was absolutely PRECIOUS, if I must say. She looked so grown up, and she did VERY well. I was so proud of her for breaking out of her shell to do both of these. And, I think she had a lot of fun at both of them. She enjoyed dancing, and seemed to have a lot of fun.

My mind races with so many things to write about, but I just can't catch up on everything I missed. I really am going to try to do better!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LOVE my kids! and husband! dear! I am so hard on you, but I love you so dearly! I expect so much of you, and you continue to love me...THANK YOU! Thank you for always helping me with Austin, and whatever else I ask of you. I am so proud of you for how well you are doing in school, and how far your reading has come.

A funny story about morning while getting ready for school you come in and say, "Mom...what the hell is his problem?" I say "what did you just say? We don't talk like that." You continue to say "Look at him." I am still worried about what you said, you realize it, and you start crying. I ask where you heard that, and you say "you say it!" Oh how I wanted to laugh at the same time! You were talking about your cat running wild through the house, and it was pretty funny. Then later your dad apparently called the cat a 'peckerhead.' Another word you shouldn't have repeated. OH...hopefully we will not teach a first grader such words like this anymore! boy! I Love You too! You are definitely a boy in so many ways! Your vocabulary increases daily...especially when I can keep that pacifier away from you! You talk a lot at Missie's. Your vocabulary even includes football and baseball! You crack me up with your 'hut hut' and the football. You must LOVE bugs because you pick them all up at Missie's, and even torment some of the others! The last bug was a daddy long leg. Missie tells me all the time how funny you are. You love to dance. You lay down to sleep pretty easily (with your 3 pacifiers), but you continue to wake up at least once in the night!!!!

Chad...THANKS for being my amazing husband. You are so supportive to me, and I wish life didn't keep us so busy and exhausted. I can't say thank you enough for all you help me with.

I am truly blessed with two beautiful and amazing children, and an awesome husband. THANK YOU GOD for blessing me with this life.

Catch up Post....

Well, I am going to see how much I can remember from the past few months, and try to do some catching up!

In August I took the kids to get haircuts. Austin got his second one, and he still did not like it. I took him to Paula, and it didn't go too well. He refuses to wear a cape, and he just doesn't like it. As I started to return to work, Austin spent some time at Missie's. Alyssa spent a couple days with her grandparents, and then she hung out with the Leita's and babysitters.

The first day of school....August 23, 2010.....UGH! The morning started okay. We were up early, and all were doing okay. I dropped Austin off early, so I could take Alyssa to McDonald's for breakfast. We met Jack, Meghan & Kendyl as well. Alyssa did great when I dropped her off at 1st grade! I think she was a bit scared, but returning to the same school was some security for her. I think I had to work harder to fight back tears.

I was not quite ready for my first week as I had hoped since we couldn't get into school as early as we wanted. It was still under lots of construction, and the place was still pretty crazy. I was only introducing myself to my second class when my sister was callling. I didn't answer right away, but then my classroom phone rang. That's when I knew it wasn't good. My sister was with my mom, and my dad had taken his last breath. ooooohhhh..... We had just gone to visit him that Friday night before, and he wasn't doing too good. He was talking a lot of nonsense (some which made me giggle), but he had a bad weekend as well. My sister was there early to try to talk to the doctors to see what was going on. I am thankful she was with my mom. The day just became quite an emotional and overwhelming one from there.

As I sit and think about all the things we did those few all runs together. Doing things I had never even thought about until I was in that moment. You know all summer, I had thought I didn't want my dad to have to suffer with this darn cancer. But then only three months it took him away from us! Surely not ready.....hate this disease!

Chad ended up coming to meet me so we could head to Austin. One of my friends picked up Alyssa and my inlaws picked up Austin. Chad & I had been to Austin, LG, and back to NB. I don't think Alyssa really got it when I told her. She didn't really know how to react until she was around her older cousin. Alyssa went to school the next day, and my in-laws picked her up and brought her and Austin to LG with them. We were busy with the funeral home, collecting pictures, ordering flowers, helping mom get things, calling family, and other things you just don't think of.

I was totally overwhelmed with the love and support given to us. Some of my high school and college friends that attended the visitation and funeral simply took my breath away. There were also our friends from NB (and farther) who made the trip to show their love and support. I was overcome with emotion from seeing some of those 'dear' friends. The service was amazing, and quite emotional. My sister did a great job speaking about my dad, and my brother-in-law did an amazing job playing the guitar and singing. My poor niece struggled a lot....she LOVED her popo.

The day of the service was long, but made me smile in so many ways as well. As stubborn as my dad was, that church was full....about as full as the day I saw it on my wedding. Dad was a tough man at times...he told you how he felt.....but he still cared. Guess that is how I am a lot! After the service, we headed to the cemetary for a nice goodbye. The grandkids each had a balloon with a picture/note in it that they released to Popo in heaven. Then we went back to the church to visit with friends and family. That was nice. And, lastly we ended up at Mom's with family. Almost all the cousins were there....even the ones from out of state. It was nice to just visit and catch up with everyone. Stinks that it takes a death though to all stop and bring us all matter what is going on.

We spent the rest of the weekend with my mom before heading back home. Once we returned home, Chad & I continued to be overwhelmed by the love and support we received! We still received a couple plants, food from my bunco group, and MORE food/cards from all my co-workers. I work at one of the most loving and supportive campuses I can even imagine. I will never be able to express my gratitude to all of them for their love and support shown. To this many are still so considerate and ask about my mom.

Mom still continues to struggle, and I worry about her daily. I do make a point to call her nearly everyday on my way home....something I didn't do nearly enough before. Shortly after she lost dad, she lost Jasmine. My old dog, that they had for years. UGH! Seriously....I guess dad just couldn't live without her! I mean this is a dog they took to DQ for ice cream!

We continue to move on each day, but I think of dad often. I look at pictures when I can, and I am reminded to take more pictures too! I didn't have nearly enough of him with my kiddos!

As far as September goes....let's see what I can remember. My family came to visit us on Labor Day weekend. We even went to the river some to hang out with my cousins that were there. The kids had a BLAST swimming in the pool there while we visited. Momo babysat while the adults went to see the Spazmatics on Sunday evening. The kids had numerous doctors appointments. Alyssa has had ear infections, and after a few rounds of meds, we are on some allergy medicine. Hoping that will work! The doctor was concerned about Austin's weight gain, but it seems to be progressing slowly! I try not to worry about it too much....he is just a picky eater. He eats better at daycare than he does at home. So, thankfully that occurs!

Alyssa has enjoyed a couple birthday parties as well! She went to her friend Taytum's at her house, and then she went to her first bowling party for Meghan! I think she really enjoyed that as well...she wasn't sure what to do at first, but by the time I returned she seemed to have a lot of fun!

Fair weekend came and went as well! We attended the parade...met up with Kolby, Karsyn & Madyson. That was fun....other than a bit of rain on us! Austin did pretty well watching it also. On Sunday afternoon we went to the fair to ride rides & see the animals. Alyssa LOVES to ride rides....Austin....I don't think so much! We put him on a train/roller coaster, and he was NOT a fan!

Fair weekend also welcomed a new addition to our family....Merlot! He is an orange & white striped cat we adopted from the shelter. Dad is not a fan, but we are surviving. The smell from the litter is the biggest obstacle! Austin really likes the cat! Alyssa had her 1st grade school pictures, and she was also playing fall softball! That went well. Practices were once a week, and then games were on Saturdays. She improved, although she often struggled with hitting. Somehow we gotta put some meat on those bones! She loves to be the 'backer upper' to first base! Its so cute to watch the girls play at this age.

October came and went quickly! I have found how hard it is to watch volleyball and football games right now! It is a lot of work to take both kids by myself....well some may not think so but it is exhausting to me! I don't get to watch much of the game either. But we have made it to some!

Alyssa did the Aristocat dance clinic, and I think she really enjoyed it! She knew a few of the girls, so that was nice as well. The following Friday she danced before the Canyon game. She even joined in with the cheerleaders since she couldn't go to the clinic due to softball. That Friday night involved us eating at the HS before the game, dropping off Alyssa to dance, going to the pregame to watch her dance, then waiting for her to cheer, then going to see some of dad's game at SV, and then helping prepare the postgame meal for his staff! WHEW! I was pooped after that! was FUN!

We got Austin another haircut as well....AWFUL!!! Took him to a place where I didn't know the people. He just didn't like it. Not sure what I will do with him. And, this one really cut it short, so no more of that baby style look. :(

We attended one of my former players' weddings...Chelsea was BEAUTIFUL! And so was the hall and everything about the wedding. The kids spent the evening with Ms. Cathy & Mr. Kevin! I think they had a blast too!

Then there was Alyssa's 1st grade 1st 9 weeks awards ceremony. She received a Golden Eagle Award for having all E's the 1st 9 weeks. She also received the Soaring Eagle Award....SO PROUD!!!!!!! This was an award given to ONE first grader in each class for going above their codes, being so helpful, etc... That just makes me smile. Her report card looked great, and her reading is ahead right now. She is at a 10 DRA I think. Her teacher had great things to say about her, which warmed my heart. She also told me she is VERY helpful towards her classmates, but she needs to tell them no sometimes to continue doing her work. :) And, she told her she needs to not worry about what others say to her if it bothers her. OH...poor thing already has that from me!

Halloween was a FUN day as well! We went to LoLo's house for a kid party. The kids had fun coloring, playing with bubbles & play-doh, playing on the swings & slides, riding in the wagon, and hitting the pinata. The pizza and cupcakes were great too! Alyssa was Dorothy. Austin was supposed to be a lion but he CRIED at the thought of me putting that on him. So, I ordered him a fly fisherman outfit. He looked PRECIOUS even though he wouldn't wear the hat. We lucked out borrowing a Dorothy dress for Alyssa, and then we found some red shoes for her! She was CUTE! After the party, we headed to go trick or treating with Kinley, Lathan & Ty. The little ones chilled in the wagon...most of the trip. The older ones enjoyed going up to get their candy as well.

And, then there was Wurstfest! Two of the greatest weekends in NB. We were fortunate to take the kids on both Saturdays, and then head back for some adult time in the evenings. Alyssa rode the rides, but Austin was not interested. On the second Saturday, the grandparents joined us also. We went to enjoy the music, rides, and the food! It was great! My sister and her family joined us that evening too. Then Momo watched the kids while we all went back for more music and food!

I had such great hopes for this past week since it was early release. I was going to get caught up on some things at work. HAH! Instead, I have been in pain since Monday my neck & upper shoulder area. After 3 visits to a chiropractor and an MRI....I have a herniated disc! SERIOUSLY! I don't even know how. Probably from all those nights of falling asleep on the couch grading papers, and then getting up to pick Austin out of bed since he woke up AGAIN! I hope to get some answers & direction tomorrow. It is painful though & very uncomfortable.

And, there have been showers for the two December brides. I helped host a shower for my friend Jamey a few weeks ago, and then yesterday was a shower for Megan. Alyssa is going to be a flower girl in both of these weddings. I can't wait to see how beautiful she will be. Megan was a junior bridesmaid in my wedding....:)

WHEW...that's all I can remember at this moment!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh how I wish I had time to blog....'s been over a month since I have been able to post. There is so much to share, and I hope I don't forget some of it! I need to finish wrapping up summer, going back to days of inservice, construction at school, the start of another year, Alyssa starting 1st grade, another football season, hoping my first day of school is never so devastating again, losing my dad to a terrible thing called cancer, trying to catch up after missing the first week of school, all of us getting the stomach bug, being overwhelmed to be surrounded by such an amazing support system of family and friends, another softball season starting for Alyssa, Austin's bubbly personality, most recently now Momo has lost Jasmine (my old puppy), and we might be getting a kitten soon. Oh, so much to catch up on with work, life, my kids, sleep, and so much more. I hope to be back this weekend to share some things on my family.

I love you Ms. Alyssa and Mr. Austin. Thanks for truly being the bright spots in my day, even when my patience is gone & I don't always show the best love. I do love you both and your daddy....more than you all will ever know.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Catching Up To Do....

Wow it has been a long time since I last wrote....where do I begin? What has happened? This will be a 'journal' entry for me to write about the last couple of weeks.

July 24 - Mom & Dad's 45th Anniversary - WOW! That's a long time! The sad part about the day was that we had to be at the nursing center to visit dad, and it was not one of his best days. All of my family went, and we took mom out to lunch with us.

July 26 - Took the kids for their yearly checkups.
Austin - 1 yr appt - got shots, weight 20 lb 6 oz (13%), 32" height (95%), 18.5 head - the doctor was worried about his weight - has gone down - she said we will have to come back in 6 weeks to check up on things - kind of scares me, but I am trying to not really worry; Austin is a PICKY eater! He has transitioned to the sippy cup & whole milk VERY easily, but I can't get him to eat many things! He likes ANY bread foods just about, and he likes yogurt and applesauce. One day he will eat something for me....the next day he won't. It is VERY hard for me to keep track of his teeth - he won't let me in there! He had 11 the day I took him, but today (8/8/10) - I realized he was getting another one on the bottom front. SO...he now has 12 in all. 4 front on top & bottom & then all four molars are peeking through! He is pretty good through it all, and it doesn't seem to bother him too much!

Alyssa - 46 lbs, 45.6", Vision - R 20/25, L - 20/20, she is doing great! I need to work on her 'pickiness' as well! I wish I had more time and experience to be a better cook as well....then there would be more variety! Cooking is definitely one of my weaknesses....thankfully Chad still loves me!

July 27 - took the kids with me to watch a little volleyball for open gym...that was fun! Alyssa had fun playing with a 'light' volleyball...I hope she will one day really enjoy the game!

July 28 - Alyssa went to a sleepover at her BFF's house (kinley) - she was SUPER excited!

July 29 - Austin went to daycare, Alyssa went to Bisque Bistro for a 'class', and I helped Heather with the 9th grade volleyball camp. It was fun to be there, and I do miss it in some ways! I don't miss all the time, but I miss Heather, Tara & the other coaches, the connection with the girls, and the 'pride' that comes with it. HOWEVER, I am enjoying the lesser stress in life right now! That night Alyssa's other BFF (ainsley) came over for a sleep over, and we enjoyed a picnic in the park while listening to music.

July 30-August 1 - We headed to see our families for the weekend. Chad & I had a wedding to attend on Saturday for a former football player. So, on Saturday Alyssa stayed with my sister, and Austin stayed with Chad's parents. They both had lots of fun with cousins! We enjoyed the wedding as well. It was a nice little getaway. That Sunday we spent some time at my moms, cleaning, visiting & helping her. Mikaylee came back with us for a couple days.

August 2 - I took Mikaylee & Alyssa to the bahn! We had a great time! I had fun hanging out with them, and we spent all day there. They were pooped by the end of the day....we hit all 3 parks! We had some 'alarming' moments, but all in all we had a LOT of fun! Chad was at work for football camp & meetings all week.

August 3 - I took dad to another doctor appt. He is very weak, and there is not much 'muscle' to him. I wish that he could be happier, and not feel the need to complain about everything! Mikaylee & Alyssa traveled along with me, and they were GREAT! I was so proud of how well they were. It was a long day from NB to Bastrop to Austin to Bastrop to LG and back to NB by 6 to pick up Austin!

August 4 - 5 - We took our time in the mornings hanging out - me and the kiddos. Then Austin headed to daycare while Alyssa & I did various things. Alyssa had Kinley over for a sleepover....they had a GREAT time playing. VERY cute to watch them! A silly thing that made my night....baking cupcakes for Corbin's party when I realized the eggs were old. SO, I did not hesitate to get in the truck and make a 'quick' trip to HEB to get more stuff. Since the new one has opened up down the road, it was quite convenient!

August 6 - Met Bonnie to get pictures done of the kids in the park. The kids did great, and Bonnie got some GREAT pictures. NOW, I have to try to make some decisions! We left in the afternoon to head home for Corbin's 5th birthday party. He had a pool party, and it was a lot of fun! I think he really enjoyed it too! Swimming, pizza, and cake....can't go wrong with that! Alyssa TRULY surprised me as she asked to go jump off the diving board! REALLY???? Are we talking about the same person??? There was a lifeguard there to help her when she jumped in, but then she had to swim to the ladder. I was so proud of her! Just made me simply smile! She has come such a long way in the water, and learning to swim! So fun to watch her overcome some of these fears she has. She is such a 'cautious' person! I am thankful for that, but there are moments when it is a bittersweet quality.

August 7 & 8 - We headed to Austin to spend time with the Lyons family! We headed out to the dock to get their boat, and we spent the day on Lake Travis. They have a raft that can hold 4 people. I wasn't sure how Alyssa would do, but she surprised us again! The 4 kids loaded up on the raft and let John pull them for a while. We would stop & swim in some areas as well. She was very worried at first, but she soon realized that the life jacket would take care of her. I enjoyed seeing the 'eyes' with the fear for a brief second as the waves caused them to bounce & then there was the smile to follow afterwards. Holly & I even hopped on with the girls for a while, and then we challenged John to pulling us two 'women.' That was a LOT of fun.....I haven't laughed that much in a while. It felt great! It took a bit....but he met his goal of throwing us off the tube...a couple times! Then of course, it was the boys' turns. Chad went on with J & W, and I think he had a lot of fun! Even when they all got taken under a bit! Austin was not sure about this trip at first....he did NOT like the lifejacket. I just left it on him, making him get used to it. The first time in the water he was fussing, like he wanted in. So, I brought him in too, but I don't think he was too fond of it. He even got himself a nap in on the boat as well. By the end of the day, he didn't even really notice the lifejacket. He was a trooper through it all. Then we had dinner at their Grammy's house. It was so nice to spend the day with such great friends that we don't get to see as much as we would like. They truly spoiled us, and we are so blessed. Alyssa even got to sleep in a tent with Abi.

We woke up this morning, and headed back to NB after seeing Holly's new school. We had great intentions to head to the bahn, but we were too pooped. Plus, we needed to get some laundry and rest!

Chad begins two-a-days this week. So, we will not see him much anymore during football season. We are lucky though, because he still gets his weekends. I have so many things I want to get done this week as inservice is next week, and then school starts the following week. I also have to start focusing on work some....I have a new prep this year...Geometry! I am trying to maintain a positive attitude about it.

I am truly blessed with two beautiful children. They are always given compliments on their beautiful blue eyes. Alyssa's are just 'mesmerizing'. And, Austin has such long eyelashes with his blue eyes. Austin has the CUTEST giggle, and I love listening to it as I turn him upside down & tickle him. He is learning to sign 'more'...even if it is just for more bread! He is a pretty happy guy unless he is hungry or tired! Alyssa is my 'pleaser' and is very worried about knowing what all we are doing for the day, and where we are going next. Are we on the go much??? They are pretty good kids who are very healthy! That alone is enough reason to be thankful. I need to somehow find a way to remind myself everyday to "slow down...have patience....enjoy the happy....and be thankful." Why is that so hard? Oh yeah....simply called LIFE!

I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful family, and I ask God to watch over my mom & dad during this tough time.

Alyssa & Austin....I love you more than words can express! MUAH!